Uploading Files to the Public FTP Site

Step 1: Install an FTP Client
Step 2: Create a directory in Public FTP.
  1. In Filezilla, enter the FTP URL in the Host field. Username and Password should not be required.
  2. Click on "Quick Connect."
  3. In the "Remote site" pane, right-click and select "Create directory."
Step 3: Move Files To The FTP Server
  • Rename the directory just created if you would like.
  • Drag files from "Local site" (your machine) to that remote directory.
Step 4: Submit Files to Nephele Using a URL
  1. Go to the Nephele website and select the pipeline you'd like to run.
  2. On the page that asks you to "Upload Data Files" select the "Upload via FTP" button.
  3. Copy the URL created on the FTP server into the "Upload Data" field.